Conlin-Belanich Marketing Plan

Print Marketing no longer works! Now more than ever, you need a proven Internet Marketing program

A survey done by the National Association of Realtors revealed the following results:
  • 87% of Buyers start their home search online
  • 72% of Buyers drove by the home and/or contacted an agent only after viewing it online
  • 61% of Buyers walked through the home only after viewing it online
  • 94% of Buyers prefer to see at least 5-7 photos of the property
  • Properties with Viritual Tours available recieved 40% more viewings that properties without

We have developed our marketing plan with this in mind – making sure that your home reaches over 90 homebuyer focused websites in addition being marketing on the MLS and our branded KWLS.

In addition to our internet marketing, we also craft an indivual strategy with each of clients including:

  1. Guidance in pricing your home competatively
  2. Guidance is staging your home optimumly
  3. Installing a nationally recognized sign
  4. Preparing informational fliers for buyers to retrieve at your home
  5. Holding a Brokers Open House for local agents working with Buyers in your area
  6. Obtaining feedback from all showings to get the Buyer’s perspective
  7. Pre-Approving all buyers who make offers so we can be sure they can actually purchase your home
  8. Pre-Qualifying all potential Co-Op buyers  to make sure they will pass board inspection